Welcome to Children's Ministry

Through a variety of activities and events, we support our children through their life’s journey,

helping them to become successful adults.

Jenny Fagan (Head of Ministry)
Children Reading the Holy Bible



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Children Reading the Holy Bible

Our Vision

Our goal in children’s ministry is for every child to come to 

1) Know God. Our first aim is for the children to learn about God, which is why we teach them the Bible which is God’s written word. In it we find all we need to know about God, what he has done for us, and how to live a life that pleases him in response

2) Love God. But it isn’t enough for children to just know about God; we long for them to love God completely and totally and joyfully, with all that is in them, for their entire lives.


3) Live for God. Children need our patience, guidance, reminders, love, and forgiveness, over and over again as they grow in their ability to live for God, as habits are formed and right action becomes instinct.

Children Embracing in Circle


We try to provide are ample opportunities for children to engage in worship and serve the Church. Some of these are our exciting and impacting Children’s Ministry  (every 1st and 3rd Sunday)  and Friday Challenge (every 3rd Friday)

The Children's Ministry’s goal is to meet all children at their own unique personal level and help them achieve all their God given potential.

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The Children's Ministry at WNTCG are planning a number of online activities for the children registered in our care. We will be using ZOOM (video and audio) to convene these sessions.



The WNTCG Children's Ministry are organising a choir for the children. We would like your child/children to be part of the new and vibrant ministry.

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