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Registration for service in the main sanctuary on Sunday 27 June 2021
Opens: Monday 21 June at 10am
Closes: Friday 25 June at 10am

For more information please read the Q&A section below

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5 Step Registration guide for Sunday ser
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1. What if I need help to Register?

After the Registration opens you  can call the Church Office if you need help to register 

  •  020 8459 7674 and press option 1 during the Office hours  (Monday-Thursday 10am-5pm  Monday-Friday 10am-4pm)

  •  020 8459 7674 and press option 4  after Office hours

Seats will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

2. How many services will there be on a Sunday? 

We intend to have only one service in the mornings until further notice.  We will plan more services when we have sufficient service personnel/volunteers to hold multiple services  

3. What about Learning Zone and other Department activities? 

Learning Zone, Children’s and Youth activities will remain on-line until we are able to give all teams access to the buildings.   Re-entry to the Church will be done on a phased basis and teams will be informed accordingly when they can resume activities within the building.

4. Has the building been risk assessed?

We are duty bound to follow Government regulations and have carried out our risk assessments and now have approval from NTCG HQ to
re-open and follow the government guidelines to limit the spread of the virus.

5. How many people will be inside the building?

For the time being we will only be able to accommodate a maximum of 166 people (which includes those who have service duties) so places will be limited.

6. What health & safety rules will I have to follow?

We are asking everyone to abide by the rules so that we all take responsibility for keeping the Church environment safe and prevent the possible spread of the virus. Click here  to read the health and safety policy for the Sanctuary.

7. What about those who were shielding?

For those who were shielding or 70, and above, the Government have given those shielded the flexibility to go out.  So we are giving you the choice to attend should you wish to. Streaming of services will continue, so you can enjoy the Service in the comfort of your home environment.

8. Do I have to wear a face mask/covering?

Government guidance now states that face masks and coverings will be mandatory in churches, cinemas, museums, shops, libraries and galleries in England, and this became enforceable in law on Saturday 08 August 2020, and this requirement currently still applies. However, if you find it impossible to wear a face mask/covering for health reasons, you don't have to wear one. An example of this might be if a mask makes you too breathless.

9. Who should not attend?
We are asking those who are on quarantine or exhibiting  symptoms of  the Coronavirus  not to attend Church. 

10. Can I book for more than one Sunday at a time?

You will not be allowed to book for multiple Sundays - Registration for Sunday services will open on the Monday before the Sunday.  The Registration Form can accessed via the  registration page the WNTCG website  You will receive a notice by the Friday before the Sunday service whether or not you have been allocated your seat(s).

11. Do I have to register every week?

The simple answer is "Yes".  By registering every week you are helping us to conform to the Government's recommendations as we all take responsibility for keeping the Church environment safe and prevent the possible spread of the virus. 

12. How do I register myself or my family?

Given the limited number of spaces available - access will be by a new booking system.  The registration link is at the top of this page. 
Those without internet access or an email address can make a phone call during or out of office hours to register themselves and/or their family.

13. How will I be notified if I have a seat?

  • By email confirmation 

  • A reminder email will be sent by 6PM on the Friday before the SUNDAY SERVICE

  • Those without Internet access and registered via the telephone will receive their seat(s) confirmation via the telephone

If the seating is full then a reserved list will be created.  Those on the reserve list will only be contacted in order of registration date/time if any seats become available. 

14. If I'm on the Reserve List what happens next?

Those on the reserve list will only be contacted in order of registration date/time if any seats become available. 
As seats are on a first come, first served basis, we advise everybody to register early as seats are taken up quickly, and we cannot guarantee that seats will be available by the close of Registration on a Friday!

15. What time must I arrive if I have been given a seat?

Please DO NOT attend if you have NOT received notification of a seat.
If you have been notified you have a seat  please aim to arrive promptly by 10.30AM so you can be shown to your seat and carry out the washing of your hands and putting on your face-mask. The doors will be closed at 11:00AM to protect those people inside the building.


16. Why is there no entry allowed after 11AM? 
As part of  our risk assessment  we have decided, as a health and safety precaution, to not allow entrance after 11:00AM

Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation.

17. What if I'm given a seat and I need to cancel - who do I inform?

For those who can no longer attend - please call  020 8459 7674 option 4  or email by Saturday mid-day so that the seats can be re-allocated.

Blessings to all


Pastor Brian Robinson