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Journey through Bereavement

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Going through bereavement is sometimes described as a journey. Like a journey, it is a process and so involves changes over time. But, unlike most journeys, it doesn’t really have a clear end point. And even its starting point can sometimes be vague.

Each bereavement journey is unique, affected by many things, including:

  • the circumstances of the death

  • the relationships of the people involved and

  • the personality and past experiences of the person who has been bereaved.

The process of bereavement takes longer for some people than for others. The bereavement journey may be longer if the death:

  • occurred without warning

  • involved a child

  • was particularly horrifying or

  • is not certain or has no clear focus eg if a person has gone missing.

Bereavement contacts

Bereavement Support 

Email: •  Tel: 020 8459 7674

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