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The New Testament Church of God celebrates February as Education Month throughout our churches.  

Here at WNTCG we would like to encourage everyone to spend some time during the month of February to focus on learning something new or different. 

Education comes in many different ways, sources and methods and it is up to you as an individual and a member of a group or family to decide.  One thing is for sure, learning together can be fun.  

Charlotte Johnson MSc, FCIPD, MCMI, MInstLM
WNTCG Head of Education and Training Email:
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The Oliver Lyseight Lecture 2021


The Oliver Lyseight Annual Lecture 2021
A Lecture entitled 'The voice of women in Christian worship and leadership' is presented by Rev. Dr. Carol Tomlin 

Click here  to book tickets and get more information.

What is the purpose of the Annual lectures?

The Oliver Lyseight Annual Lectures commenced in 2008 in commemoration of our founding Administrative Bishop, Rev Dr Oliver Lyseight.

To date they have been delivered in a series of five lectures with the over arching motto of Augustine and Anselm of Canterbury: Fides quaerens intellectum or pilgrims of "faith seeking understanding" or "faith seeking intelligence'.

In 2018-2022 the series is focusing on the contribution women continue to make to the life and witness of the Church under the banner of ‘Womanhood in Christian Faith Communities.

Who was Oliver Lyseight?

Rev Dr Oliver Lyseight was the founding leader of the NTCG in England.

To find out more visit:

Oliver Augustus Lyseight -  a brief history

Books For You


Last year February brethren were encouraged to read a book and some individuals were blessed with the gift of a book to read.  This year during the period of lockdown we want to continue that trend. Some of the books are available free of charge, however, it will be first come, first serve:


  • Checklist for Life   - 8 copies available

  • Checklist for Life for Leaders - 3 copies available

  • Checklist for Life for Teenagers  - 1 copy available

  • Challenges of Pentecostal Theology in the 21st Century  - £13.99 each.                          

       (Authors include Rev. Joel Edwards and Charlotte V V Johnson)            

”Books For You” Contact details

Check List for Life

Check List for Life

Topics addressed include everyday miracles, style and relationships. In all, there are insightful narratives, scriptures, quotations, and checklists on 66 important topics. The practical, inspirational content plus the attractive two-color text design and unique cover make this a book you'll want to own and give as a gift.

Check List for Life "Teens"

Check List for Life "Teens"

Topics addressed include self-acceptance, grades and standards, and love. In all, the book addresses 66 topics teens care about. And the handsome, sturdy package and two-color text design make Checklist for Life for Teens an ideal gift.

Check List for Life "Leaders"

Check List for Life "Leaders"

Checklist for Life for Leaders is the ultimate handbook for leaders and those who aspire to leadership. It contains principles for living a successful, joy-filled life. In addition to a brief narrative, each chapter of this interactive handbook contains: An "I Will" checklist of heart and attitude reinforcements A "Things to Do" checklist of action points A "Things to Remember" section of Scripture verses and applicable quotes from famous and not-so-famous people

Challenges of Pentecostal Theology

Challenges of Pentecostal Theology

Where is Pentecostal theology going in the 21st century? How does it address issues of spirituality, politics and justice? What does it have to offer the worldwide Church?

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You  can instantly stream an incredible collection of stories, including titles across eight different languages, that will help them continue dreaming, learning, and just being kids.
All stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet.

Explore the collection, select a title and start listening

Films and Documentaries


The  films below and documentaries offer an opportunity for sharing knowledge through a wider discussion with others.  
You may wish to further research once you have watched a film or documentary. 

After you have watch any of the above, I would love to hear your views.   Alternatively, you may be able to suggest a book, film or documentary that could be enjoyed by members of our church family – please let me know by emailing

Bob Gass was the creator and author of ‘Word for Today,’ the most popular daily devotional throughout the world. 

A video titled “A Tribute to Bob Gass” tells the story about the man and his dedication to serving God through his daily writings.

 “Transformations: The Power of Prayer and Fasting,” provides an insight about transformation within a community setting.  I would encourage you to watch what is possible through evangelism, click:

“Akeelah and the Bee” is a film that can be enjoyed by adults and children. The film tells the story of a young girl who loves to spell words.  Perseverance and growth in confidence are just two qualities you can enjoy watching.  Click to see the trailer:

“The boy who harnessed the wind” is inspired by true events where the only son supports his family through hardship.  Justice, faith, and courage are just three of the attributes seen in this film, suitable for teenagers and adults.   Click to see the trailer:

“Heavenquest: Pilgrim Progress” is a film for adults and children with parental consent.  It is a faith-based story with the director’s unique vision.  The innovation came from Pilgrim Progress originally written by John Bunyan.  Perseverance, determination, and passion are displayed throughout the film.  Click to see the trailer:  

LTC’s Annual Newsletter

The Leadership Training Centre will be publishing their annual newsletter during February, so make sure you access a copy to find out the latest of what is happening. 

Courses on offer at the National LTC

Journey through the Old and New Testament, Living the Faith

  • For more information about each course please click the images below. 

  • Course  booking form click here.   

  • Application enrollment  form click here


Pastoral Care – Helping People in Crisis and Pastoring Singles

  • For more information about each course please click the image below. 

  • Course  booking form click here.   

  • Application enrollment  form click here.


Approach to Learning

The courses facilitated at the Leadership Training Centre are delivered via distance learning and offer participants the opportunity to:

  • Study at the time and pace that best suit their schedule;

  • Study individually or with others at home

  • Develop the skills to reflect critically upon their experience and learn from it

  • Participate in small online groups to discuss course material and learning outcomes

  • Enhance the ability to work constructively

  • Participate in at least two facilitator-led sessions for each course at the Leadership Training Centre;

  • Explore biblical and theological premise for enrichment and the enhancement of Christian service in contemporary society

  • Learn from participating in face-to-face and e-group discussions

  • Gain insight from fellowship with others



NTCG Leadership Training Centre, 3 Cheyne Walk, Northampton, NN1 5PT, UK

Tel: 01604 824233/8 • Email: