Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to be a church bringing ‘change to life’ where people who are lost to the Saviour, are hurt, damaged, and disillusioned in life, are changed by the Word of the Gospel, transformed by the Work of the Holy Spirit, and embraced by the welcome of a Church where Love Grows.

Our vision is to be a church that is relevant, having significance for our times, proclaiming a timeless message with categories of today’s generation and society.

Our Vision is to be a church empowering people to serve and to lead by encouraging people to identify, develop, engage and use their gifts in Christ’s work.


Our Vision here at Willesden NTCG is to be a church expressing uplifting celebration and praise, exalting Christ with worship that is spiritual, vibrant and passionate, taking us into the presence of God.



  • With God,

  • With One Another,

  • With Our Community

ADDING to the Church

  • New Believers in the Body of Christ in Membership of the witnessing community of a Church that is
    Growing – Glowing – Going in a personalised mission of ‘Each One Bring One’

SHAPING the Church

  • ‘Towards tomorrow today’ by building on our Foundations and

  • Passing on the Baton to our New Generation with a

  • Vision for the Future

EQUIPPING the Church

  • For its Worship,

  • For its Walk,

  • For its Witness

Here at WNTCG we will Live our Vision by Fulfilling our Mission

Connecting – Adding – Shaping – Equipping’