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Community Outreach serving and helping

WNTCG Community Outreach

Romans 12:16 says "Live together in peace with each other. Don’t be proud, but be willing to be friends with people who are not important to others. Don’t think of yourself as smarter than everyone else"

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Call Center Employee
Citizens Advice Brent leaflet- April2017

Citizens Advice – information, advice, tools and letters for you to use.

Our line is open Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm

 Call us on 020 8438 1249 


You can also email us by completing an enquiry form here

If you’re looking for up to date information on what Coronavirus means for you, you can click on and visit @CitizensAdvice website    


This caring Ministry assists all members and non-members by providing access to resources and information, to those in need.

They run a Food Bank and accept donations of food on behalf of the homeless, the impoverished and isolated. The work of Agape Ministry is always confidential and focused on community outreach.


Please click here to support the Agape ministry by donating funds through  GoFundMe

Contact Us: 

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Mobile Phone

Brent Advice Matters – local services working together,
making sure people in Brent get the advice they need.

Work Advice — Local

Harlesden Hub

Information and advice services located in Harlesden Library.

Childcare options

Local support into employment

Free Nursery Hours

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The In Abundance Food Project

The In Abundance Food Project is a community organisation that provides food parcels and respite support (as well as emotional and psychological support) to people in crisis.

There are numerous political, social, educational and economic pressures that anyone may encounter that can suddenly pull the rug from under their feet and spiral downwards into crisis.


We want to be a buffer at these critical times to encourage support and help get those individuals and families back into providing and supporting their families and contributing to society in a meaningful way.

Contact Us:

Please email us 

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