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Enhancing worship through multimedia


Ministry Objective

  • Enhancement of all events held at WNTCG through improved audio, video and multimedia experiences.

  • WNTCG serves the Community in numerous ways Weddings, Funerals, Baby dedications, conferences and concerts.

  • Amplification of sound to enhance in-house experience. Enlarging images to ensure details are witnessed by all building attendees.

  • Audio-Visual recordings also assist in preserving events for posterity.

  • Sanctuary – Our largest ministry area centres around Church Service production. Sunday Services are recorded and broadcast via the internet weekly in addition to ad-hoc events.

  • Primary function is to share the Holy Word via all broadcast mediums, currently YouTube is key to such delivery.  Secondary music and worship delivery which enhance each service offering.



Kingdom Building

WNTCG supports Local, District and National events within NTCG and community. Opportunity to serve in all such areas are often presented to team members.


Sound Desk – Sanctuary audio is provided by sound desk located at ground floor rear.



Video is captured via various cameras throughout the Sanctuary and feeds to a visual mixer from which it is fed through to stream and recording.


Presentation Software

ProPresenter software is used to display information within the Sanctuary.



Ministry Opportunities

WNTCG AV Team are constantly seeking new members.

Members with a variety of skills, are required training is provided as necessary.


Tools are employed to help with service enhancement, key areas are:

  • Multi-media projector system

  • Audio sound desk

  • Visual mixing desk

  • Windows Presentation PC

  • iMac Streaming PC


What type of person should consider joining this ministry?
Anyone who has a passion for media and visual arts or wants to learn.
If you would like to join our AV team please speak with David Vassell (Head of Department ) or email

People who join should show the willingness to learn whether novice, intermediate, or expert media tools.  Availability and reliability are key traits for working within this department.


The AV Ministry at WNTCG is very demanding and relies on teamwork. AV Team while spiritual is also sociable and fun.

What can you expect from this ministry?
Expect team work and love. 

Love of sound and visual and love of your counterpart. 

Love of what you do. 

The awesome feeling of serving the Lord through talents that some did not know they had.

You can expect to learn more about the

  • technical side of worship

  • how to operate a professional sound desk

  • how to use Youtube broadcast and streaming software and hardware

  • how to use ProPresenter 7 and vision mixing software and hardware 

  • how to operate professional video cameras and have an eye for detail in order to capture the atmosphere and ambience of our services

  • Lighting desk operations


Standard Meeting Times


Rehearsal and Ministry Commitment
6.30pm  -   9.30pm Wednesdays

9.30pm  - 1.30pm Sundays

Contact WNTCG Audio Visual Team

Email: •  Tel: 020 8459 7674

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