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Our aim is to build better men, by reaching men wherever they are and empowering them to be the God ordained leaders they were designed to be in: their homes; places of work; and communities.

LifeBuilders Willesden partners with the other district and national churches to organise social evenings, topical discussions, prayer breakfasts, conventions and weekends away.

LifeBuilders Willesden also has in operation a Young Men’s team which seeks to inspire and disciple young men to become leaders amongst their peers.

WNTCG also has a successful Men’s Choir who have released a CD and is invited to minister all over the country.

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We believe that prayer is the heartbeat of the Christian life. It is essential for our spiritual health. Join us as we intercede for our communities and for our nation.


Staying "on track" is essential if we are to achieve goals and reach destinations.  Our "BUILDING BETTER MEN" podcast series is designed to do just that.  5-10min episodes to encourage, inspire and help you stay on track in your faith


The Bible is like a roadmap for life. In it we find advice and guidance, comfort and assurance. We find direction in how to deal with family, employment, finance,  law, justice, mental health, community and a plethora of life themes

Our desire is to facilitate life-changing opportunities to impact the lives of others by providing tools for men to live for Jesus at home, at work and in all areas of their live


To build confident disciples and leaders, to equip our men to serve our communities.

  • Build an environment where men can be men.

  • Provide a safe environment that will stimulate, educate and support, that men will want to be a part of.

  • Raise issues and concerns, and speak for the weak, for the voiceless for the victims of our community.


To build better men with a Christ-like identity and foster a ‘can do’ approach to life.

  • worship God in the beauty of Holiness

  • build and serve our families

  • build and serve each other

  • build and serve our communities

  • win souls for the Kingdom of God

  • Work with men to reclaim their integrity and place in society.

  • Work with fathers and husbands so they have the courage to raise good men, and become first-rate husbands.

  • Show men they can become all that they are meant to be.

  • Work with men to develop an army of leaders for the 21st century.


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Willesden New Testament Church of God
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