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Single Adults Ministry

empower singles to live lives to the full and to be fully active within the church


The Point is the local arm of the Single Adults Ministries with the key objective to 


A. Connect with Self: 

Our annual workshops and ‘real talk’ conversation evenings are designed to take you on that journey of deeper discovery of you, of loving you, and of making you the centre and most important thing to you.


See: the biggest lie about marriage and partnership is that when you find your other half....you then become complete. Wrong, you have to be complete and content with YOU as no one can do that but you.


B. Connect with God:

You were put on this earth because God has a special plan for you, and we want to help you discover what your purpose is.


Our conferences will be focused on self development with a strong emphasis of putting God at the centre of everything. Reminder...trust in God and He will grant you the desires of your heart.


C. Connect with Others: 

Our annual Networking Dinner Party allows the opportunity to interact with others and open the window for further connecting with single Christians across the UK. 


Our plan and prayer is to see this arm growing and expanding to be an integral annual activity across London and beyond as a ‘godly’ man or woman isn’t just going to show up on your doorstep, you have to properly position yourself to be found!


Real Talk 2018

Annual Dinner 2018