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Seasons of a Woman's Life


The context - ‘All things must pass’


Women are seasonal creatures and when we look at our lives in the season we are in, we are better able to cope with some of the challenges and appreciate the blessings while we still have them.


What do we mean by seasons?

1. Seed planting - the Lord calls us to himself, we commit ourselves to His service, and we enjoy communion with Him.


2. Growth - lessons in obedience, service and preparation. This involves being tutored in self discipline, sacrifice and serenity.


3. Harvest - stepping into primary responsibilities for which we have been prepared. Contentment but not complacency, saying yes even when it takes us out of our comfort zones and the blessings of fulfilment as we see the plans for our lives being brought to pass.


It is essential to learn about our seasons because there is a unique plan for each of us, thus submitting to God’s unique path will keep us balanced as we navigate through the many choices we have to make.


When we have a personal relationship with God; an ongoing awareness of His presence and a devotion to His word, it will give us stability, confidence and direction as we pursue the various ministries God calls us into during each season of our lives.

Psalm 139, Matthew 5:16 and Jeremiah 29:11

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