Women's Discipleship Ministry

Empowering women of all ages and stages to reach their God-given potential.


The Women’s Discipleship Ministry encourages personal development and leadership among women whilst fostering fellowship, providing inspiration, training and guidance to empower women in the home, the church and the wider community

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Dawn Lewinson

Director Willesden WDM

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The Women’s Discipleship Ministry (WDM) is part of the National WDM in the UK, led by Mrs Joycelyne Bolt. We support the work of the local church under the leadership of our pastor, Rev Brian Robinson. We cater for the needs of women of all age groups, including children, through a range of spiritual, social and recreational programmes, and encourage active participation of all women within the church.

To achieve this we recognise the diversity as well as the commonality of our needs.  Our team actively explores ways to meet the needs of all women, including those who attend church, as well as those from the wider community.

We encourage women to develop a deep relationship with God through prayer, worship and education. We aim to enhance our local fellowship, build our community and strengthen ourselves for the challenges facing our society today.

We work within our wider district of six Women's Ministries led by Mrs Fay Robinson. This department celebrates that all women are created to be special and so we promote:

  • Healthy, spiritual growth

  • Confident, purposeful living

  • Empowered, successful women

Our Goals are to assist every woman in finding and knowing her purpose in God; offer service and outreach to the community in a greater capacity; build stronger marriages and families; empower, equip, and motivate women to build their confidence and self-esteem; facilitate training that will meet the needs of our women within their ministry; mentor and support our young women as they establish their relationships with Christ; and encourage unity and growth in the fellowship.

Our Mission Statement is to assist women in developing a deeper understanding and relationship in God through worship, fellowship, training and leisure, and to enhance our relationship with the wider community by welcoming other cultures and organisations.

What We Do


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This caring Ministry assists all members and non-members by providing access to resources and information, to those in need.

Agape run a Food bank and accept donations of food and on behalf of the homeless, the impoverished and isolated. The work of Agape Ministry is always confidential and focused on community outreach.


Please click here to support the Agape ministry by donating funds through  GoFundMe

Contact Us:

Please email agape@wntcg.org for more information

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Bible Study Guides

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Honouring Our Heritage 

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Honouring Our Heritage Seniors Luncheon brought together many of our seniors from the Windrush generation.The event provided a

great opportunity to share treasured memories and stories and celebrate being part of such a valuable heritage.

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