Welcome to Youth & Discipleship

Through a variety of activities and events, we support our young people through their life’s journey,

helping them to become successful adults.

Sharmane & Nathan Flynn  (Heads of Ministry)

Our Vision

For youth to have a personal encounter with Jesus Christ and his Church so they become stronger and empowered to live as disciples of Jesus Christ to impact the world.
This is achieved by listening and encouraging our youth  as they journey through their adolescence with Christ.

Our Youth Ministry here at WNTCG has a number of initiatives which collectively has the aim of encouraging young people in their faith; support and provide a platform for young people to exercise and display their gifts and talents; encourage young people academically; and for young people to have a social outlet with their peers.


With young people and children in regular attendance, there are ample opportunities for youth to engage in worship and serve the Church. Some of these are our exciting and impacting Children’s Ministry; a thriving and dynamic Dance and Creative Arts Ministry; a monthly sessions (youth word) where living practically for God is discussed.

The Youth Ministry’s goal is to meet all youth at their own unique personal level and help them achieve all their God given potential.

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Email: youth@wntcg.org •  Tel: 020 8459 7674

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